"...superb mini-album by the German-Icelandic trio Minua, who use assorted woodwind instruments, modular synths, bass guitars and Bavarian zithers – sometimes tuned to unorthodox natural temperaments – to create thick, impasto layers of slow-moving sound that completely command your attention." - The Guardian, about Simulacra. "While zoomed out these four pieces are defined by barely perceptible harmonic shifts that seem to freeze time, the suspension gives space to see the intricate craft that sustains these levitations, like sneaking a glimpse into the inner workings of a finely tuned machine." - Spool's Out / The Quietus, about Simulacra. "this is pure tranquility. […] this is the most beutiful thing I've heard all year. - Dave Summner, Bandcamp Daily 2019, about Still Light. "full of interesting ideas and very precise guitar playing. ★★★★☆" - Mark Sullivan, allaboutjazz.com 2018, about Module . "Kristinsson ist kein Blender, sondern ein Atmosphäriker. “ - Tom Gsteiger, Der Landbote, 2013. "There is something very different about the end result. Beautiful blends, excellent musicianship, and sometimes startling lyricism." - Gregory Applegate Edwards 2016, about In Passing. "daring, free-spirited and fresh" - Martin Laurentius, Jazz Thing 2017, about Wrong Turns and Dead Ends. "Make knows how to invent and reinvent itself, which is endlessly rewarding." - CTEBCM 2020, about Make. "I can hear kinda obvious innovative footprint via this album. Don’t miss it.“ - KEISHIRO MAKI, Progarchives.com 2017, about Wrong Turns and Dead Ends. "A post-jazz/prog masterpiece" - The Math Rock Times 2018, about Wrong Turns and Dead Ends. "music for listeners who don't care about the distinction. ★★★★☆ - Mark Sullivan 2017, allaboutjazz.com, about Wrong Turns and Dead Ends. "★★★★★" - inmusic magaine 2019, about Still Light. "I am starting to submerge and the feeling of wetness on my skin and air travelling up on my face is both calming and healing. I love this recording: it makes me hungry to hear its predecessor, and wait for future releases." - Greg Drygala, HIFICRITIC magazine 2019, about Still Light.

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